Why should you care about parent access

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You may have heard of the term “parent access” before. Why should you care about parent access? This is a question that many parents ask themselves when they are trying to determine what kind of account to create for their child. Parental controls allow parents to monitor and restrict what children can do on their devices. Parental control software monitors your child’s activity, alerts you if something looks off, and lets you make changes remotely or set up screensaver time limits.

Here’s why:

Kids need to be emotionally safe

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Kids need to be emotionally safe before they can learn and grow intellectually. Parent access gives parents the ability to view their student’s grades, courses taken, assignments received, tests taken and scores earned. This information will help them monitor their child’s progress towards academic goals and outcomes.

Parental involvement is associated

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Parental involvement is associated with higher future income for students as adults. Providing parents online access to student records helps make them active participants in planning and directing their child’s educational path and increases the likelihood that students will graduate from high school.

To view all courses

Many colleges and universities require students to submit an academic plan in order to qualify for college credits. Parent access allows parents to view all courses their child has enrolled in, ensuring that students are on track with the requirements of their educational program.

Transparency in student data

Transparency in student data is important when there are questions about either the quality of instruction or school performance; parents need access in order to monitor the quality of education in which their child is involved.

Increases communication

As seen after Hurricane Sandy, communication between educators and parents enhances safety procedures for responding to emergencies. Utilizing parent access systems increases communication between schools and homes, therefore strengthening safety procedures during emergency situations.

Can Receive funding

Many schools receive funding for students who are identified as “at-risk” (i.e., Free and Reduced Lunch ). Providing parents with access to their child’s education records increases the likelihood that these families will qualify for assistance, benefitting both student learning and school performance.

Compliance with the law

Some states require by law that schools provide parent access to student records. This means that providing parents online access to student data is not a choice but rather a legal requirement in some states. If you reside in one of these states, it is your ethical responsibility to make sure that your district is in compliance with the law.

Compliance with standards

Compliance with standards increases integrity and transparency, which are foundational elements of ethical practice. Legal requirements to provide parent access include meeting standards for accessibility, data security, and protection, contingency planning, notification of use and access issues as well as maintaining records for both students and parents. By aligning your policies with these standards you help ensure that student information is safe and accessible when it’s needed most – helping to avoid breaches, leaks, or unauthorized dissemination of confidential information.


There is no reason not to provide parents with online access to their student’s educational records. The benefits of increased parental involvement, compliance with legal requirements, and the use of standards outweigh potential risks. Professional educators are entrusted with preparing students for future success — shouldn’t we do everything in our power to help ensure that success.

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