What Is the Importance Of Child Development Theories

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One of the most important of the child development theories is that we are what we eat. The importance of this observation is easily demonstrated by observing how children from different economic classes behave. Those of the lower economic classes are found to be more aggressive than those of higher class. This fact is easily reconciled on the grounds that they receive less nutrition and consequently have low levels of concentration and energy. On the other hand, children from the upper class have more focus and greater energy, especially so when it comes to problem solving.

Receives An Enormous Amount Of Socialization

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In relation to this observation, another important aspect of child development theory is that we choose our parents. It is a well-known fact that most of the time a child will be raised by his or her grandparents and so receives an enormous amount of socialization and input from these elders. But as we grow older, we get less chances with regards to interacting with our grandparents and so our socialization comes to a stop. Given such an importance of child development theory, one may reasonably infer that if you want your kids to be smart and to achieve success in life, you should give them ample time and attention.

A further one of the child development theories is that the way a child plays is determined by the environment he or she is growing up in. This seems to make a lot of sense. For example, in a poor family where there is a lot of fighting and where physical violence is a regular occurrence, it would be very difficult for the child to play with a lot of confidence. On the other hand, a family where fighting is not present at all, would be ideal since the child will be given an opportunity to develop confidence through a healthy environment. And so it goes without saying that child development should always take place in a positive atmosphere.

Back To The Observation That Children Grow And Learn At Different Paces

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In addition to these two important child development theories, there is also another that is perhaps the most popular and that is the one that says children are born optimally. It goes like this: as humans, we are always in search of being and becoming better. So as long as we are alive, we will always strive to be more, and will always be open to learning new things. It goes without saying that as humans, we will never stop trying to discover new and better things. And so it is important that as parents, we ensure that our children have access to constant stimulation and input to this, which is perhaps the most important of all the child development theories.

All the child development theories that I mentioned above can be traced back to the observation that children grow and learn at different paces. Some children develop at a much quicker pace than others, while some even outgrow their developmental talents somewhat before the others do. There is no one way that works for every child. What it does signify though is that you as a parent need to be aware of your own child’s development and keep tabs on what they are doing and why.

Highly Recommended – Importance Of Child Development Theories

When looking into the various theories that you have read and heard, there are some that come highly recommended and highly regarded. One of these is to seek advice from a professional child psychologist. The good thing about going to a professional is that they have been through the process many times and know how to deal with children who are different. They also know what is going to help a child achieve the best that he or she can. These experts can give you a lot of useful information on how you can raise your child to make sure that they are happy and healthy and not just developing normally but in a healthy range.

There are other child development theories that you may hear. For instance, one of them is that children are naturally creative, and so there is no reason that you should not let them use their imaginations when it comes to play time. This is because it makes the child think in a developmental sense, where he or she starts to explore and discover things for themselves. They are able to learn by experience rather than just being taught. The theory also states that since children are naturally creative, they are better off playing with things that interest them, and this is where imagination is used.

Final Words

There are other child development theories that you may find as well. It is up to you to look into them all and see which ones are the most helpful to you. You can also consult with other parents and ask them what has worked well for them with their children. Whatever you do, it is important that you let your child take part in all of the activities and games that you choose and remember that child development starts at home.

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