The Stages Of Play Child Development Of Every Childhood -

The Stages Of Play Child Development Of Every Childhood

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What are the different stages of play child development? How do changes come in a child according to age? For a newborn baby, there are some stages for child growth and development. There are six stages from 0-month baby to 4plus year baby. For new baby play, child development is vital for his physical and mental health. The six stages are Unoccupied Play (Birth-3 Months), Solitary Play (Birth-2 Years), Spectator/Onlooker Behaviour (2 Years), Parallel Play (2+ Years), Associate Play (3-4 Years) Cooperative Play (4+ Years). In these stages, child growth is proper, and child development is also proper, and they are learning about new movements and new things. These all stages are developed by the contents of research and study done by the child experts.

Let’s look at the stages of play child development of every childhood and changes according to the age.

Parallel Play Stage At The Stages Of Play Child Development Of Every Childhood

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When parallel play is the beginning stage of child development, these stages of play child development have between two years of every childhood. When the child wants his parents’ lap or going out with the neighborhood or big brother at this stage, he plays alone on the corner with anything. He also plays with clay .Clay is a favorite friend in this stage. Baby likes to play with clay doesn’t play with clay, but he enjoys it.

Associate Play Stage

The associative play stage is the second child development step after the beginning step. These stages of play child development of every childhood have between above 3 to 4 years. When a child is doing different things like climbing, swinging, etc. in this stage they are learning new things. This is the most crucial stage because it will change your future life at such an early age. Learning dance or singing is a good chance of going on a reality show on TV at such an early age.

Cooperative Play Stage

The cooperative play stage is the third step of child development. This stage of play child development of every childhood has come between above four years. In this stage, your child has some quality you have to watch him and make sure to join him in some academy like cricket academy or club.  Play begins when we are babies, but that is not all! Incorporating play into your child’s daily routine and giving them time to play is essential for their development throughout the years. These sections are general guidelines for what to expect from your child’s playful skills but keep in mind that every child is different and if you have any problems, disclose them with your healthcare provider.


These all are the stages of play child development of every childhood. You will show all about play child development of physical and mental health of the child and proper diet is also vital in this stage. These all stages define how changes come in every child according to age.

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