The Child Development Milestones - How Technology And Screentime Impacts -

The Child Development Milestones – How Technology And Screentime Impacts

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We live in a technologically advanced world where children invest most of their time every day on their digital devices that challenge to serve technology better. This can affect the early childhood development of many kids and bridge several gaps in their knowledge as well as cause problems to brain development. We know about the technology’s effects on the 21st Century that is fracturing the foundation of the family. Here is everything you need to know about the inclusion of Technology and screen time in child development milestones. 

The Major Impacts

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Without any doubt, the benefits that come with technology are limitless and infinite. But, everything is not bread and butter and thus can hang along with an inactive lifestyle and causes plenty of issues with behavior, development, and even in the process of learning.

These effects are noted mostly in younger children. It is advised to consider both the pros and cons of technology before putting restrictions on them. 

Technology is definitely a very effective tool that supports a child in nurturing and offering high levels of development, but it can never replace a few hands-on activities like an exploration of sand, drama, art, etc that helps in triggering the quality of a kid.

It is important to keep a note of the time children are left exposed to the rays of technology, as that is also a responsibility for putting a full stop to the growth of the brain.

The Major Effects

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Since technology has been an essential part of our everyday lives, but there sure are some very main effects.

● The increment in bullying has found its way to torment through the Internet both in school as well as offline.

● Technology has taken away the privacy of the kids. Staying safe from the eyes snooping eyes are long gone.

● The lack of social bonds has come up more as they are now controlled by the cost factor and depending on the item of the material.

There are also issues with kids sharing everything online that they tend to lose their identities.

Reducing The Screentime

When the child understands there is something they do like a tantrum and they are able to get what they want, they are going to keep doing it. For example, if you provide them a phone so that they would eat food without ignoring it because they are throwing tantrums during food time, then they are prone to throw more tantrums just to get the screen time. This is one example of several incidents that happened with your child. You have to be able to deal with one particular problem with solutions related to the same instead of integrating technology in every strategy.


You have to remember that the child development milestones and good progress in the same will be completely dependent on how you are able to handle the tantrums thrown by the children. Also, it is not advisable to push your children to do more by comparing their development with the development of a different child. 

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