Telling How to Read Time from the Display Featuring Some of the Favorite Animals of Your Kids!

It’s very important to teach your kid how to read time from an early age. The sooner they are able to read the time from a clock or a watch, the better they learn. Most kids do get fascinated by watches, as they keep seeing adults using them all the time. What can be better if they get one of their own! Having an adorable cartoon animal rubber watch would be something every kid would love. These electronic watches are LED, which makes them even more appealing.

About The Product

These cool electronic LED cartoon animal rubber watches are perfect for kids to help them tell the time. These are made out of fine quality rubber and would last for a very long period of time. These are available in the size of 15mm (case), 50mm (dial diameter). The amazing part is, these watches are available in various colours so your kid can choose according to his/her preference.

A close up of a toy

Benefits Of The Product

  • These watches are very good looking and helpful at the same time for kids. With the help of this product, your kid will be able to learn about time reading. Instead of learning from a wall clock which might not be that appealing for them, these are the ones you should try.
  • The products are of good quality as they are made of fine quality rubber. Young kids may find it difficult to maintain watches, made out of other materials. Compared to that, it’s a lot easier to maintain rubber watches and especially for kids. Hence, the product will also last longer.
  • It’s essential for kids to learn the value of money from a young age, therefore buying them a watch that is way too expensive might not be the best idea! These products do have a modest price that is between  $17.61- $19.37.
  • The products are appealing and attractive in general although they are available in multiple colours and that makes them even cooler. Kids can go and grab one according to their own taste and choice.
  • Looks definitely do matter when it comes to accessories, be it for adults or kids. Every parent wants their kid to look the cutest and what can be cuter than this cartoon animal rubber watch!
A close up of a toy

Cons Of The Product

There are no specific cons of this product, but since it is for kids and they tend to damage things more often than adults do! Another minor disadvantage is that these products are not waterproof hence they might get damaged if drenched in water. One needs to be a bit careful while using them. Just making sure that it doesn’t get wet and resting is absolutely perfect.

Wrapping Up

In the end, we can definitely say that these cartoon animal rubber watches make a perfect product for a kid to learn about time reading. These are cute looking as well as affordable which make them a must-have. Also, it would make a perfect gift for your kiddo. If you want to bring a wide smile to that innocent little face then you should definitely buy one of these.

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