School Age Child Development Stages With ADHD

school age child development stages

School age children differ from adult development in many ways. Most notably in the area of their behavior modification needs. There is a need to recognize that differences between childhood behavior and those needed during school age. While there are many similarities, there are also important differences. Many of these behaviors are also similar to symptoms that occur during the teenage years but can be handled during the elementary school age years. ADHD management is most effective when started in early childhood.

How To Meet The Individual Requirements Of Children

Development Stages

It is well recognized that parenting alone is not enough to raise a happy and successful child. Another important factor involved is how we meet the individual requirements of our children. One such requirement is how we meet the child development stages they go through from birth to school age. That is why… (read more…) ADHD management is best started in childhood…

How do we know when to use ADHD behavior therapy and when we should encourage more natural development? That’s where we turn to parenting adult children living at home again. By paying attention to how we change our patterns along with our reactions to things… (read more…) We can learn what those changes look like and when. That will give us another tool to help us modify our parenting approach to match those changes.

When we think we are doing all we can to provide for our children, we often overlook the basic requirements of being a parent. That means overlooking ADHD behavior therapy and leaving our kids’ needs for their own devices. That usually means we spend our time focusing on other issues… (read more…) (even bad behavior.) The result is a stressed out family. It’s no wonder that they are always running around acting out or whining.

Act Like It Is The End Of The World

Development Stages

One of the biggest problems we have with ADHD is that we act like it’s the end of the world when the really important stuff starts to get accomplished. If we’ve been trying to teach our kids’ self-control and self-reliance, communication skills and responsibility… (read more…) we tend to forget about the most basic and critical stuff. If we want our kids to sit still and listen… (read more…) we forget about asking them to sit still. And if we’ve been trying to teach our child development stages instead of just simple decision making skills, we’ve forgotten about the idea of development.

 Work On The Most Basic Developmental Issues

The best way to help decrease behavior problems due to ADHD is to work on the most basic developmental issues. That includes helping our children understand reality. This understanding helps decrease ADHD management problems because they see the world the same way we do… (read more…) Children who grow up thinking that rules are rules and that everything is a game will be very limited in their life… (read more…)

Final Words

The bottom line is this… (if you’re an adult) if you want your kids to learn to sit still and listen, you as an adult don’t need any kind of prescription medication. You need good parenting skills. And the same goes for ADHD management. The best treatment involves working with our ADHD child’s Doctors and caregivers to find alternative ADHD treatments that will work. And the best alternative treatments involve ADHD medications while avoiding the prescription of any drugs.

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