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Different Stages Of Development

Provide Support To Your Kid During Different Stages Of Development

Parenting a child is considered one of the toughest tasks you can think of. On the other hand, it is very essential for a child since it helps him psychologically and provides a great deal of confidence. All in all, there are several stages of development which play importance for a child and help them to achieve perfection and progress in life with ease. During every stage, it is very essential to be supportive of a child so that it can create a perfect bond between the two of you.

Provide Support To Your Kid During Different Stages Of Development
Different Stages Of Development

What Are Different Stages Of Development Which You Need To Acknowledge?

Sensorimotor Stage

It is considered the primary stage which stretches from birth until the time of twenty-four months. During this stage, it is very essential to make your child aware of different geometrical shapes. This aids in the development of his cognitive skills. Children who learn to develop cognitive skills faster and tend to acquire higher intelligent quotient which is very essential for them to excel in life.

Preoperational Stage

This is considered one of the most crucial stages of development which ranges from two years to seven years. During this developmental stage, your child’s memory will increase. Thus, it would be fruitful to offer him different board games and books with pictures. By reading storybooks and watching photographs your child’s memory retaining power will increase which will help him to perform better in academics.

Operational Stage

At this stage of developmentyour kid will become more aware of the things which are happening around him. This will also influence him to respond to the environment which is a very crucial aspect. You need to make him aware of the things which are harmful or can be lethal as kids at this stage tend to explore more. The operational stage lasts for around four to five years. It is also important to befriend your child at this stage as he will be more open to you about what he thinks about various things.

Formal-Operational Stage

During the formal-operational stage, the child will use several logical solving skills, they tend to plan about the things which they like to do when they grow up. The formal-operational stage tends to be very fragile as it is the turning point for every human being. Thus, you must keep in touch with the child and make an amicable environment for him.

Provide Support To Your Kid During Different Stages Of Development
Different Stages Of Development

In What Ways Stages Of Development Will Help Your Child?

The main purpose of stages of development is to strengthen the overall cognitive skills of your child. Thus, your child will also get a chance to think out of the box to get a solution to a problem. During these stages, children learn several other aspects like reading, learning, thinking, paying attention, remembering things, etc. Moreover, to increase the cognitive skills of a child, it is very essential to help and guide him thoroughly.

This is so because the level of cognitive skills differs from one child to another and it depends on several genetic and environmental factors. It is also considered the main reason why you need to make them aware of different topics, geometrical shapes, calculations, etc. in a fun-filled manner. Children tend to learn things better and quickly when they are taught in a friendly environment.

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