Parents Gudie To Key Milestones Of Child Development

key milestones of child development

Every parent gets happy when they see their kids growing and doing something for the first time. Small things like rolling over, crawling, walking, and talking are a few milestones. Milestones differ from age to age. Every milestone has a particular age. For example, some might start walking at an early age of 8 months, and some walk as late as 18 months, and it’s normal. 

From birth to 1 year of age –

Child Development
  •  Ability to drink from a cup 
  •  They can sit without any support 
  • Babbles 
  • Can smile socially 
  • Growth of the first tooth 
  • Develops the ability to play peek-a-boo 
  • Can stand with the help of small support 
  • Keep on rolling • Can say words like mama and dada 
  • They start to understand “NO” and will stop doing everything  
  • They start walking with little help 

Toddler – Age group between 1 to 3 years 

Child Development
  •  Can eat without spilling much 
  •  Can draw a line when shown an example 
  •  Able to run, pivot, and walk backward 
  •  Able to say first and last name 
  •  Able to walk up and downstairs 
  •  Begins pedaling tricycle 
  •  Can name pictures of everyday objects and point to body parts 
  • Can dress with small support 
  •  Imitates speech of others, “echoes” word back
  •  Gets the sense of sharing 
  •  With some adults guidance, they can play a game with turns  
  • Masters walking  
  • Recognizes and labels colors appropriately  
  • Recognizes differences between males and females  
  • Uses more words and understands simple commands  
  • Uses spoon to feed self 

Preschooler – Age group of 3 to 6 years of age 

  •  Able to draw shapes 
  •  Able to draw stick figures with few human features 
  •  Ability to jump 
  •  Better balance might start cycling 
  •  Ability to understand words and starts building reading skills 
  •  Enjoys doing most things independently, without help 
  •  Enjoys rhymes and wordplay 
  •  They start jumping on one-foot 
  •  Can ride a tricycle with ease 
  •  Can start schooling 
  •  Easy concepts of sizes are understandable 
  •  They can understand the concept of time 

School-age child – Age group of 6 to 12 years 

  •  Can co-ordinate and play team sports like soccer 
  •  Loses baby teeth and starts having permanent teeth 
  •  Breast development, growth of armpit and pubic hair in girls 
  •  The first menstrual cycle, known as menarche, may occur in girls 
  •  Peer recognition begins to become important 
  •  Reading skills develop further 
  •  Routines important for daytime activities 
  •  Can follow several directions in a row while understanding them 

Adolescent – 12 to 18 years of age group 

  •  Adult height, weight, sexual maturity 
  •  Changes in voice, growth of hair in armpit, chest, and pubic area, and enlargement of testicles 
  •  Growth of armpit and pubic hair and breast development in girls 
  •  Equal approval and perception is of vital importance 
  •  Understands abstract concepts


Appropriate parenting may help in the better physical and mental development of children. If your offspring is an adolescent, you need to focus more on him/her because this is the age when they are undergoing several changes that may result in a mood swing. Moreover, encourage them to exercise during their growth years.

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