Parenting styles of helicopter parents

Helicopter parents mean the parents who are too involved in the lives of their children, making all the decisions for them and pushing them to study more and be successful.

They’re called helicopter parents because they hover above their children like helicopters, protecting them constantly and putting all the responsibility on them without thinking that maybe they are young enough to make mistakes.

1. Over Protective

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Sometimes these parents are too protective of their children that they end up suffocating them. They don’t want their children to grow up and take care of themselves, but instead to stay small and in need of protection forever.

2. They’re always available

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These parents don’t have a life of their own, they’re always available to help their children when needed. And worst, they feel upset or offended if they don’t get asked for something important. In the end, it’s all about them not being able to let go of their children and living through them.

3. They solve everything for their kids

This type of parenting is the worst since they try to make all the decisions for their children, not thinking at all that maybe they are mature enough to take care of it themselves. The solution isn’t always about rushing in because you don’t feel like waiting or letting them try things out on their own.

4. They push for success

Since their goal is to protect their children, they do anything in their power to make sure they’re successful and feel accomplished. They want everything to be perfect for these kids of theirs, pushing them all the time not thinking about what matters most; which is to let their children be themselves and make their own decisions.

“Parents who are too involved in the lives of their children, making all the decisions for them.”

5. They don’t have personal lives

These parents are attached to their children forever not thinking about what it means to have a life of your own after spending so many years raising them. They don’t feel like anything is their own anymore and that’s why they act in weird ways, not wanting to grow old alone either.

6. They’re the ones who always get in trouble

Even though helicopter parents are aware of what they do when it comes to living through their children, there are times when they tend to forget to take care of themselves and be happy. This turns into them getting in trouble, not having a life of their own, and always worrying about their children.

7. They want the best for their kids

Despite all the mistakes these parents might have made when it comes to being helicopter parents, they are doing everything because they still love their children and only want what’s best for them. It might not seem like it sometimes, but their love is endless and no matter how much they push their kids away from the nest, they will always come back to be close to them at least until a certain age.

“Helicopter parents tend to be over-controlling of their children because they want the best for them and to be involved in their lives.”

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