Motor Milestones For Child Development - Raising The Child Efficiently -

Motor Milestones For Child Development – Raising The Child Efficiently

motor milestones for child development

Child development takes place in several stages. Developmental milestones are the behavioral or physical skills that are observed in infants and children in their developmental stage. The motor milestones depict the motor developments that the child goes through. There are milestones to be achieved for each age range. Every child has to achieve each of these milestones at a specific age.

Motor Milestones For Child Development Basics

In some cases, some children might reach the milestones faster than the specified age. Also, some children might reach the milestone at a later stage. Up to a certain amount of time, the late achievement is considered to be normal.

The milestones are watched keenly by the child developmental specialists to ensure that the motor growth and development of the child is taking place positively. A checklist of motor development milestones is provided to parents or guardians to ensure that the children.

Motor Milestones For Child Development

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It is proven that the earlier the developmental onset of the motor milestones, the better the outcome. Several development services are available now. This includes speech therapy, physical therapy, and developmental preschool.

Based on the motor developmental milestones, the growing takes are categorized into age groups. In most classifications, these are divided as infants which include the child from birth to 1 year of age, toddlers who include children 1 to 3 years of age, pre-schooler including kids from 3 to 6 years of age, a school-age child which include 6 to 12 years of age, and adolescents of 12 to 18 years of age.

The Newborn Milestones

In the new-born, the important milestones are the following. It is checked if the baby turns its head easily from side to side. Another milestone is when it is able to comfort itself by bringing hands to face and sucking on the fingers or first. The hands are mostly closed and fisted in this stage. The baby would also blink when exposed to bright lights. Understand your baby’s sensitivity. He is sensitive to bright lights. It makes him frown. You will find him turning his head away from sources of light. So, keep it dim when it comes to your love bundle’s room. He might be fascinated by shadows on walls.

Your baby cannot reveal much or convey whatever it wishes to convey. He is all busy expressing his wishes through possible expressions he grabbed during the first few days. One of the major expressions is crying. It is an absolute sign of disappointment. He is unhappy and wants you to know how unhappy he is. That is how he communicates. Moreover, the one thing you might want to do at this time is calm down and soothe him. This is a bit possible by giving something to suck. If he is unsettled, then this might be a solution.


In case the baby shows slower or no progress in the motor developmental milestones, the guardians should ensure that this is brought to the notice of a specialist immediately. In case of any issues in motor development, the baby could be provided with assisted care to meet its milestone.

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