Major Milestones In Child Development - Learn About The Growth -

Major Milestones In Child Development – Learn About The Growth

major milestones in child development

Developmental milestones are something that lets you know that your child or infant is growing. It is as simple as rolling over, crawling, walking and talking. The milestones can vary for every age range but what should be known is the milestones and the timeline taken to complete the same can vary with every child and the development process their bodies go through as well. Let us take a detailed look at the major milestones in child development.

Ranges In General

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When it comes to our normal range within which a child may reach a milestone is generic. For example, walking may be given in 8 months for some children but some may start to walk in 18 months and the latter is also considered equal in normal. People take their children for a pediatrician. This is to make sure their child development is proper and some parents have a keen Eye for different milestones and they can talk to their provider if they have any concerns. Having a checklist of developmental milestones is appreciable, however, it is not appreciable to force your child considering development is not necessarily under his control.

Infant And Toddler Development

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The infancy is from birth to the first birthday and the milestones in this period include ability to bring from a cup, ability to sit without support, social smile, first to, say small terms and understanding no. It is also possible for certain children to walk by holding something and babble sometimes.

As for toddlers, the age range is 1 to 3 years and they will develop the ability to feed with minimal spelling and they can draw a line, walk backwards, say a few names, imitate, share toys with adult support, take turns, walk freely and use more words and recognise the colours and labels more clearly.

Preschooler And School Age

This age range is 3 to 6 years and the child will be able to draw a circle and Square and understand two to three features of people for differentiation, ride tricycle, enjoys wordplay, has a better balance and is capable of starting preschool.

As for school age, it goes from 6 to 12 years and the children begin to gain skill in team Sports, start Getting their permanent teeth, development in their body according to their gender, reading skills develop better and they start having a routine for the daytime activities.


Similar slow changes are applicable for adolescent kids as well. However, the changes that the children go through in the adolescent stage are quite different from the small changes they go through in the Infant and toddler stage. What is important is that parents must understand that every child has a different Timeline to learn and grow and this should not be a reason for you to worry constantly. Either way, just because a child is not showing the milestone completion as per your checklist does not mean you can stress the child to do it soon and pressurize for nothing. If you are still worried about it, you can consult a specialist.

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