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Exploring Theories on Child Development

theories on child development

One such well-known theory is the one based around race and class. According to this theory, those of lower classes have a harder time learning and maturing than those of higher classes. The theories on child development that are based around these two ideas have been used for many years and have been repeatedly reproduced and explained in textbooks and research papers as well.

Another theory on child development that has been around for a long time is that gender plays a role in this process. In this theory, girls and boys differ in how they experience and react to social interaction and how they process information. Girls and boys differ in their level of tolerance for pain and discomfort, and they also experience different stages of emotional development. For this theory, girls and boys are grouped according to the stage they experience these different stages of emotional development.

John Edward Erickson

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John Edward Erickson is probably best known for his work with the theories on children’s development. However, he was also a very innovative psychologist whose work extended well beyond the realms of psychology. He did research and worked with a variety of other disciplines such as sociology and anthropology. His work in these various fields led him to formulate his theories on childhood stages of emotional development. These were further developed by him into many publications including” Theory of Prepositions in Social Psychology” and “Thematic Analysis”.

During the last decades of his life, John Edward Erickson received several awards for his research and studies. One of these was the Fulbright Lecture prize, which is given out by the University of California at Los Angeles. Another was the Carnegie Foundation award for Scholarship in Psychological Study. His other honors include the prestigious International Association for the Study of Intelligence (IDSI) award, the UNESCO Prize for outstanding contributions to the field of psychology, and the presidential commission for the study of intelligence.

Emotional Development

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The theories on childhood stages of emotional development that John Edward Erickson developed all fall under two broad theories. The first theory is based around his work with the regressions method. According to this theory, children are able to regress because they have experienced negative events during their childhood. These events can be anything from sexual abuse to poverty or anything else that has caused them psychological hardships. The purpose of the regression is to allow these problems to be dealt with head on and so the child can move on.

The second theory of the theories on childhood stages of emotional development is centered around the theories of reggio Emilia. According to this school of thought, children may begin to experience certain psychological changes during the first year of their lives. These changes are said to be caused by experiences that are similar to those encountered by people during their childhood. These experiences can take the form of neglect by their parents or other similar things. During the first few years of one’s life, these children are likely to be separated from both their parents and other people in order to minimize these traumatic experiences.

Regner hypothesis

According to one of the most respected theories of childhood stages of emotional development, that is the Regner hypothesis. This school of thought believes that a child will go through four different stages in their first year of life. Each stage will be defined by how much the child interacts with his or her parents as well as the society in general. During the first stage, they will be receptive to their parent’s needs and desires. At this point, they will also be interested in most things that people will tell them.

Another theory of childhood development stages that has gained a lot of followers over the years is the Montessori method. This school of thought is founded upon the belief that children will be able to learn things best if they are taught by people who understand them best. The teachers at this school are supposed to not only help parents instruct their children effectively, but they should also help the child grow and develop their own sense of responsibility and their own ability to determine what is right and wrong.


They are also supposed to help parents guide their children away from bad influences such as pornography and drugs so that they will grow up to be responsible citizens as adults. All of these theories on child development stages can be found in books like: “Theories on Child Development”, “The Great Mind”, “Psychology: Theories and Applications”,” Origins of the Mind”, “Why Babies Fail” and “Stories For Children”.

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