Child’s Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones Of A Child That Are Worth Noting Down

In a child’s life, there are numerous developmental milestones that parents should note. The first years are the most critical years in a child’s life. It is when they are learning new things. The world is a completely new place for them. So, when they do something very regular for the first time, a parent naturally feels elated.

In this article, we have noted some of the essential developmental milestones that parents should pay attention to. We have divided these milestones in different age groups for your convenience. So, in the future, you will not have any difficulty in judging if your child is doing something later than others or earlier.

Developmental Milestones Of An Infant

Age: Birth To 1 Year

Developmental Milestones Of A Child That Are Worth Noting Down
Child’s Developmental Milestones
  • Being able to drink from a cup
  • Smiling, cooing, and eventually babbling
  • Being able to sit alone without any support
  • Getting the first tooth and replacing the toothless smile
  • Displaying a social, reciprocative smile
  • Playing peek-a-boo
  • Pulling themselves to a stand
  • Rolling over
  • Calling out ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ appropriately
  • Understanding your orders, specifically when you say ‘no’ to something
  • Walking with the help of a walker or by holding on to other furniture

Baby Developmental Milestones Of A Toddler

Age: 1 To 3 Years

  • Ability to eat neatly without spilling
  • Able to run and walk backward
  • Being able to draw a line when shown how to draw one. Drawing a straight line is not at all the factor here. Being able to draw one is significant.
  • Can say their name when asked
  • Ability to walk upstairs and downstairs without any one’s help but definitely under adult supervision
  • Can ride a tricycle
  • Being able to name pictures of body parts, fruits, and the likes
  • They can dress themselves with a little bit of help. Doesn’t matter if everything is not proper. Just the ability and the habit is commendable and important.
  • Learning to share toys without being asked to do so
  • Ability to walk properly without any supervision and help
  • Speaking more words
  • Understanding commands
  • Recognizing and choosing their favorite from among different colors

Developmental Milestones Of A Preschooler

Developmental Milestones Of A Child That Are Worth Noting Down
Child’s Developmental Milestones

Age: 3 To 6 Years

  • Learning and mastering easy exercises like skipping and child yoga
  • Being able to ride a bicycle
  • Drawing stick figures and other simple shapes
  • Better balance and handling capacity of various things
  • Ability to catch a bounced ball
  • Recognizing words and reading paragraphs or children’s storybooks
  • Able to recite a poem and enjoying it
  • Enjoys word-play
  • Understanding size and time concept

Understanding The Concept Of Developmental Milestones

Milestones are definitely crucial in a child’s life. However, a child should not be forced into doing them. Every child has his own time of doing things. It is a parent’s responsibility to allow them to grow in their own way. Moreover, if you think that your child is not being able to do something common, you can take them to a child specialist instead. A child specialist will know what is and what is not good for your child and you can go ahead accordingly. Children turn out to be exactly how parents shape them. Make sure that you teach your child to be a bigger and better person, but also, let them spread their wings when they need to.

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