Child Growth And Development Class: Top Five Class For Parents

Child Growth And Development Class: Top Five Class For Parents

Child Growth And Development Class

Many universities are providing online child growth and development class in recent years. And unlike other years, this year, due to the pandemic situation, many people have decided to take the online classes. These classes help the students to understand the development theories of a child and how it contributes to human growth.

With the online classes, learning about the child development has lot more flexibility. After all, you decide the learning pace. However, there is no academic credit upon the completion of the courses. So, in case a person wants to apply for a bachelor’s program, he/she can opt for some other options. So, as a would-be or new parent, you may want to join a child growth and development class. It will allow you to understand your child better and allowing you to assist the little one.

Child Growth And Development Class for adults
Child Growth And Development Class: Top Five Class For Parents

Many universities are also providing accredited child development programs. And these programs are different from traditional college courses. Knowledgeable instructors take most of these classes, and you can have academic credit within some time. And also, the expansion of acquired knowledge is better than on-campus or online courses. But if you don’t want any credit, then there are plenty of free options:

Child Growth And Development Class: John Hopkins University

A child’s development on a larger scale depends on social, cognitive, and emotional influence. And this online course on Child Health and Development focuses on those aspects. The class dissects assessment tools, along with the role of intervention programs in child development.

When you would do the class from John Hopkins University, it will discuss the language framework in early child development. Apart from that, the lectures focus on neurodevelopment and the physical growth of a child’s first ten years.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

When it’s about understanding human nature and our mind’s works, we definitely opt for the Introduction to Psychology. For the online class, there are some lecture videos that include one on child development. The video on child development has discussions on how babies learn and their development stages.

The online course has other videos on consciousness, brain structure, and other psychological factors. Interestingly, there are various examinations with answers and proper explanations for better understanding.

Child Growth And Development Class: The Open University

For knowing about the early stages of a life cycle, you can check out the Early Development class from The Open University. Here you will learn about the historical conception of the human. However, the course doesn’t end there.

It includes the study of development on the cellular level. Therefore, you can join in the discussions on fertilization, contraception, and pregnancy. Also, students will know how the sex of the child gets determined.

Tufts University

  • If you are opting for the Intellectual Development class from Tufts University, you will be aware of a child’s cognitive development. The course not only offers theories but also explain them. With all the different theories at hand, students can understand various differences and do their own research on cognitive growth.
Top Five Child Growth And Development Class
Child Growth And Development Class: Top Five Class For Parents
  • Positive Development Among Youth class discusses the use of civic engagement. It focuses on how the right engagement can enhance a child’s development. Apart from having lecture materials, you will get the student presentations done by previous students. 

University Of Michigan

Through the Human Growth and Development class from the University of Michigan, you will know the child development process step by step. This course allows you to relate to a child’s infancy period to adolescence. Therefore, various handouts from the course focus on concepts and theories about child development.

And the lectures will give you insight into normal child growth and development. Even you will understand the development of a baby from the fetal stage to neonatal stages. Along with the development in the toddler stage, the course gives you a glimpse into the school-age development too. 

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