child development milestones checklist- useful list to check the growth

Child Developmental Milestones Checklists For Infants And Young Children

Child Development

The first year of the life of an infant can be divided into various predictable stages of development. From a helpless newborn to an active toddler, a baby grows quickly. If you are a new parent or an expectant mom, here is a small guide of stages of development in a baby in the first year. This guide will provide you with a child development milestones checklist.

child development milestones
Child Development Milestones

Child Development Milestones Checklist for Infants and Young Children

One To Three Months

Between these months, the baby will start to smile. In the initial one or two months, the baby will only smile to themselves. But later, by the third month, they will start smiling in response to other’s smiles. The baby will also try to raise their head and chest when laid on their tummies. They will also start tracking objects with their eyes and begin opening and shutting their hands. Babies will also begin suckling on their hands and toes.

Four To Six Months

During these months, babies are learning to manipulate the world around them. They are learning to use their hands well and also discovering their voices. The baby will start rolling over from front to back. It will start making some sounds. The baby will also learn to laugh. It will reach out and grab objects. The babies at this stage also learn to sit up with proper support and have proper control of their heads.

Seven To Nine Months

During this time, the baby might begin crawling. It will learn to sit without support and respond to familiar words like names. The child may start babbling mama or dada. It will enjoy games like clapping or peek-a-boo. Towards the end of these stages of development, the baby will learn to get up in a standing position with support. The baby will also start understanding words like ‘no’ and will momentarily pause and look at you when you say no.

Child Development Milestones Checklist
Child Development Milestones Checklist

Ten To Twelve Months

During this stage, you may see the rapid transformation in the baby. She will act like a toddler at this phase. The baby may want to feed herself. They will hold small objects between their forefinger and thumb. They will be able to move around the room holding onto furniture. Children will begin speaking certain words or point at objects they want. They will also pretend to play with certain objects, like pretending to talk on the phone. Towards the end of this phase, a baby will begin to take its first steps.

These are the predictable stages of development in babies. These stages differ according to different babies. If your baby has not shown a particular attribute, there is no reason to worry. But for your satisfaction, you may consult your doctor. Some babies learn to stand or walk quite late in their lives. Some others speak their first word also quite late. Sometimes, if your baby is not growing well, you can consult a doctor too. This handy guide will let you know what to expect in your child’s first year of development. Most babies showcase these above-mentioned attributes.

After this stage, your child has crossed the age limit of being called an infant. It can be called a young child or a toddler now. The behavior patterns, growth, nourishment, diet patterns, and vaccinations differ in this stage now.

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