Child Development Milestones For 2 Years: Know In Advance

Child Development Milestones For 2 Years: Know In Advance

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Most parents feel that when their child reaches the two-year mark, it’s a terrible time to handle the toddler. The reason is their most common answer becomes “no” to almost everything. However, the two-year age mark is the most crucial time when your kid’s character would start to develop. Therefore, it’s a stepping stone when your little one will start blossoming with new traits. But first-time parents often stay clueless about child development milestones for 2 years old. However, it is best to know what to look forward to when your toddler reaches a certain age. Otherwise, you might feel baffled to witness certain changes in their behavior.

Child Development Milestones For 2 Years: Movement Skills

Has your child stopped staggering while walking and taking smooth movements? It is then sure that in some months, he/she will start to run too along with walking backward, turn at corners. The motor skills will improve with playing, running, climbing, and sliding down slides. However, you must be beside your child as he/she experiences some fun with new skills.

Child Development Milestones For 2 Years Old
Child Development Milestones For 2 Years: Know In Advance

Finger And Hand Development

By the time your toddler would complete a two-year mark, he/she will be able to coordinate movements of palm, fingers, and wrist. Therefore, the little one will be able to turn doorknobs, open the bottle lid. He/she will also be able to have a little stronger grip than before. Of course, the handgrip might be a little awkward. Also, the attention span will increase deliberately. As you read something for the little one, he/she will participate more in the story-telling.

Child Development Milestones For 2 Years: Language Skills

Your toddler may start saying longer sentences for communicating with you and others. And in the conversation, the use of “I” and “me” will be prominent. However, not all kids learn to talk fluently at the same rate. So, don’t worry if the little one progresses slowly. You can help your child with language skills by reading to him/her and talking too. There are lots of books that ask the kids to touch and name various objects or even repeat words. When the language skills develop, your little one will enjoy stories, poems, and even jokes.

Social/ Emotional Skills

It’s the time that your little one starts copying others, both older kids and adults. At this time, kids feel that the whole world is about them only. They are unlikely to absorb the concept of sharing. Toddlers of this age may ignore another toddler totally unless there is any toy to take from them. However, your kids will get excited to see other kids too. And they will show their growing independence. Therefore, he/she will definitely do something that you asked not to do. But as it’s the time for the little one to imitate others, you must be a good role model. It will develop a good character trait in your toddler.

Important Child Development Milestones For 2 Years
Child Development Milestones For 2 Years: Know In Advance

Child Development Milestones For 2 Years: Learning And Thinking Skills

As your child is going to reach the two-year mark in his/her life, the grasp on the language will increase. It will allow the little one to start solving problems with thinking. This is the time he/she will understand the concept of time, like before, after, etc. Shapes and color concepts start developing during this time. Now, if you start teaching them about numbers, they will understand it slowly. Unlike during the previous year, playing with toys will also become complex.

Development Delays

At the age of two, some children may not develop every skill, but at least some of them for sure. However, sometimes, due to some complications, a child might not develop even simple skills. Then you may want to have a doctor’s consultation. When to consult a doctor for your toddler:

  • Can’t remember skills he/she used to know
  • Unable to imitate actions or words
  • Still not able to say a two-word sentence
  • He/she is not able to follow simple instructions.
  • Is he/she unable to walk properly?
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