Child Development Awareness of Social Class Is Important -

Child Development Awareness of Social Class Is Important

child development awareness of social class

Child development is affected by child development awareness of social class. Social class refers to the differences in income brackets. This is a rather interesting phenomenon, because we normally think of the wealthy as possessing the most material goods and the poor as being deprived of these goods. The fact is that there are wealthy families with relatively well-educated members, while there are equally poor families that have members who are not so well educated.

An Overview

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Some people argue that child development awareness of social class is a waste of time. But this is a weak argument because if we look at the bigger picture then we see that the deprivation of material goods is not evenly distributed. Most children from the lower strata of the society end up becoming drug dependent or something similar. And this is why child development awareness of social class may be seen as an important aspect of building a better tomorrow for everyone.

The concept of child development awareness of social class does not hold good, unless one understands that there is such a thing as class. Class is the division of things into more definite categories. There are different levels of wealth. There are different kinds of educational levels and so on. So, it is not surprising that there are different kinds of people. It is true that there are rich and poor families, but the concept of “class” as we normally use it, is a complex one.

Child Development Awareness Social Class

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The child is brought up in a family where everybody struggles to earn enough money to support the family. This is not always the case. Sometimes the family is quite well off and there is no question of the child living comfortably. But sometimes, even when the family is reasonably well off, there is still an imbalance in terms of financial resources. This causes significant problems for the child because he has to struggle to make ends meet.

For the child development awareness of social class, it is important to point out that poverty line are two different concepts. The poverty line is the standard by which the family expects the child to get a good living. If the child is not earning enough, there is no expectation of anything else. The child is either going to be a pauper or be sent to live with relatives, or else he will be better off at his old age.

Social class is not based on the income that is earned by an individual. The poverty line is set. So, if the child earns more money than the required poverty line, there is nothing wrong in that. What matters is the quality of the life that the child leads. And this quality is directly associated with self-esteem, self-confidence and sense of achievement.

The concept of child development awareness of social hierarchy is directly associated with child development consciousness. And this consciousness is developed while the child is still inside the womb of his mother’s womb. This awareness can then be transmitted to the child even during the time when he is born. There are many such examples. A five-year-old child who hardly knows the difference between black and white and has absolutely no idea what color shoes should be worn, is sure to develop such awareness, and the child’s life will be one lived in abject poverty.

Bottom Line

The best way to reduce poverty is to ensure that the child grows up surrounded by people who have a higher level of social class. Children need to learn to respect those who have more. Since they are so young, they are liable to mimic whatever they see around them, and they become conscious of their own shortcomings very early. This means that the child development awareness of social class helps them to overcome the weaknesses of their birth and to lead a happy and prosperous life.

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