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Facts Of Child Development

Child Development: 5 Facts That You Should Know As A Parent

Child development hugely depends on the proper nurturing and caregiving of a child. The child years are crucial for proper growth. It is the time when they are learning new things, knowing new people, and learning to do new things. Be it pulling himself up, or grabbing their favorite toy, child development depends on many factors. It is tough for a first time parent to do everything correctly and adequately. So, we have summed up 5 important facts about child development that you should never let out of your mind as a parent.

5 Important Facts About Child Development

Even Babies Get Affected By Stressful Environment

Child Development: 5 Facts That You Should Know As A Parent
Facts Of Child Development

If you think that your child won’t understand any stressful environment in the house, you are very wrong. Your baby can not only understand it but can also feel it. A stressful environment adversely affects his mental and emotional state of mind. This can lead to multiple problems in the future like organ failure, impaired behavior or even poor physical health.

Your Genes Are Not The Only Important Factor

Your genes play an important role in the development process of your baby. But there are outside factors too that are to be considered. A child’s interaction with other people is significant. Your genes are a result of the genes of your family. The same goes for your child. Moreover, environmental influence is also important. A healthy environment will result in the development of a healthy child. Children have an inborn capacity of learning. Nurturing it through proper circumstances will lead to the upbringing of a healthy baby.

An Important Aspect Of Child Development Is Brain Development

The most crucial parts of the brain develop within the first three years of a child. It does not mean that the brain stops growing after that, but those are the crucial years. It is when your child is learning to learn new things, recognize new faces and many more other things. This, in turn, helps in high-order functioning when the child grows up to be a mature person. Although in some cases, the important development occurs only after the age of 3, but for most children, the first three years are the most important ones.

Severe Negligence Is A Sign Of Physical Abuse

Child Development: 5 Facts That You Should Know As A Parent
Facts Of Child Development

A child needs around the clock attention and should not be left out of sight for even a minute. That is because he might do something to put himself in danger. Or, your child might put something unhealthy in his mouth. That will definitely harm is physical growth. But, besides that, leaving your child alone for a long time on a regular basis can lead to more serious problems. Cognitive impairments, language deficits, academic difficulties are a few out of such many problems.

Violence On Children Creates Violent Adults

Although in many cases people have seen violence leading to hindered brain development, all cases does not have to be so poor. Instead of such poor outcomes, it has been seen that violence on children has lead them to grow up to be violent adults. Be it showing violence towards unknown people or on their partners, childhood violence has most of the time found a way to express itself in their adult lives.

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