Best questions to ask your parents to live a healthy life

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This is sometimes easier said than done because many times we can feel like parents are “old-fashioned” or stuck thinking the same way they did decades ago. This especially becomes a problem when it comes to making serious decisions about health and wellness, which is a topic that can become confusing as the years go by.

What if you could ask them what they know now about their life’s experience? What would you say? Many people find inspiration in these questions because they help them change their perspective on how to live a healthy, joyful lifestyle. If you want a few good suggestions for questions to ask your parents about health and wellness, here are a few ideas:

1. The most important thing in life

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This question opens the door to a wealth of information for you. Think about it: The most important thing in life is something that we all want and seek, but often we don’t like to think about what that means. Once your parent settles on an answer, ask them why they chose that particular concept and see if there’s anything else they think is important to living a joyous life.

2. Living in fear or love

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Here’s another issue that your parent may not like thinking about, but it provides you with an opportunity to learn certain aspects of life that can be tough for some people. The idea behind this question is based on the concept of Dr. Jim Burns’ “Love/Fear Spectrum.” In short, he claims that many of us live our lives based on how we react to certain “stressors.” Do they base their life on fear or love? If it’s the former, why do they think that is and what would they have done differently had they chosen a different path?

3. Parenting mistakes

Although this may be difficult for your parent to discuss, it’s an opportunity to learn something valuable. Give them the chance to share what they think are their biggest parenting mistakes and then ask them how they would approach things differently if they could go back in time. This can be a way for you to see that even though you may not agree with everything your parents say or do, they also have a wealth of experience that may prove useful in your own life.

4. A time when they made a mistake

In addition to the previous question, asking about mistakes is another concept with ample room for exploration from both sides. Some people may be tempted to ask this out of curiosity or sarcasm, but if you want to engage with your parents this is a great opportunity. Allow them to share their mistakes first, then ask what they learned from that experience and how you can use it as well.

5. What makes for a good life?

This is another question that can provide you with insight into how your parent lived his or her life. Once you find out their answer, use it as a springboard to discuss how you can apply it in your own life and see if there’s anything that makes for a good life that they neglected or forgot. By asking these questions and having this conversation, you’ll be able to show an interest in your parent’s ideas and vision of the world while finding out if there’s anything you can learn from it.

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