An Ultimate Guide To Child Development Class Personal Child Story -

An Ultimate Guide To Child Development Class Personal Child Story

child development class personal child story

“Every step leads to a change.” However, whether it is a change in development or life, this development change can occur at a greater pace in one’s early childhood. It also has been medically said that children learn easily and remember things for a long time which they were taught during their initial three years. So, their early experiences lay the foundation for their future. But parents nowadays want their children to come first in every field whether it comes to studies, athletics or anything else. And in all this, they usually forget about the personal development of their children. So, it becomes really important to acknowledge them about the child development class personal child story. 

Top 5 Tips From Child Development Class Personal Story Books


Some useful tips from child development class personal storybooks are:

  • Nutrition is a critical factor in a child’s development. Food with all essential nutrients like proteins, minerals, and vitamins should be added to the diet.
  • Parents should also teach their children to maintain their personal and environmental hygiene.
  • Parents should promote their child’s talent.
  • Parents can enhance their child’s learning through games and communications. 
  • Kids, especially toddlers have a bad habit of picking and putting everything in their mouth, thus easily catch infections. So parents should adopt good hygienic practices and protect their children from diseases.

Top 3 Best Child Development Class Personal Child Story Books


Ages And Stages- A Parents Guide To Normal Childhood Development

Ages and stages by Charles E. Schaefer, Theresa Foy DiGeronimo, is one of the best child development class personal child story books. It is a parent guide to normal childhood development. It features many helpful tips that would foster your child’s development and maturation. It tells you how a child’s mental and physical health depends on development during early ages.

Brain Rules For Baby- How To Raise A Smart And Happy Child From Zero To Five

Brain Rules for Baby is a great child development class personal story book for up to five-year-old children. It was written by John Medina, who is a parent himself and a scientist. This book features techniques to build the child’s self-confidence. It has five sections – pregnancy, relationship, smart baby, happy baby, and moral baby.

Your Child Growing Mind-Brain Development And Learning From Birth To Adolescence

It is a child development book by Jane Healy. This book includes brain development. This recently updated classic story book provides a window into the fascinating process of human brain development and intellectual learning. It looks at the roots of human emotion, intelligence, and creativity, translating the most recent scientific research into practical and valuable suggestions for parents and teachers.


Schools are not the only places where everyone learns. A child begins learning right from birth. So, the child development class personal child story books can help parents to raise their child properly. 

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