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A Brief Look Into Child Development – Age 4 Stages

child development age 4 milestones

Each and every one of us have our own set of milestones that we should watch out for as our child develops physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. These are some of the basic milestones that you should be able to see and identify in your child from his/her development age. As your child grows up so do these different set of milestones. The different things that we all look forward to is when your child can sit up, can walk, can learn to say the alphabet and start to read. By the time your child reaches 4 you will know each and every little milestone that your child has achieved.

Always Watch The Progress Of Your Child

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By the time your child reaches four, the child development stage is complete. But before that happens you need to keep a watch on the progress that your child is making. You must be very keen to note any sign that your child is on the road to becoming a well-adjusted child. You need to be there to guide your child’s development. Here are some of the things that you might expect from your child development level and how you can recognize it:

What Happens After Your Child Reaches Four?

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Your child development will slow down at this stage. At this point your child can hold their head up well, can understand what you are saying, can take simple instructions, can repeat back words that they have heard, can use their words correctly and can use facial expression to show happiness or surprise. Your child might also be able to imitate your actions and facial expressions. By this time your child development is going on at a good pace.

If your child can sit up, walk to name a few things, can walk to eat food off a plate, can ride a bicycle with balance and can dress himself or herself nicely. At this time you might also be able to see that your child has developed their hand-eye coordination. Your child will also have the capability to speak at this stage. Children who are four years old are capable of showing emotion so they might not be able to express themselves verbally, though they can send messages through gestures and facial expressions.

Your Child Will Be Able To Do Basic Tasks

Your child may be able to count by four. At this age your child can easily learn basic counting like saying one, two, three, four and five. He can also add one or two to these numbers. This skill is called being able to carry out a count in complete sequence. If your child completes the count by any means than he has accomplished his fourth milestone.

Another skill your child development has achieved is to be able to complete a line, a circle or a square. These skills can be used to draw, put things together and do simple activities such as sticking pins. It is at this stage that you can introduce your child to new shapes, animals, letters and numbers.

Final Words

Your child development has attained the last four milestone. Your child can now talk, sing and read. He is now ready to interact with you and other people. He can talk about himself, others and objects. If you have not yet introduced music to your child, it would be a good idea to do so at this time. The more he listens to music, the more he will learn to express himself through his words.

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