5 Theories Child Development Stages In Depth

theories child development stages

There are five theories of child development stages that experts recognized and utilized in the present era. Ever wondered what makes why this generation has too many problems while growing up as compared to the era of the 80s and 90s? Only because children and parents spend more than an average of their time on mobile phones, working. 

Even at the dining table, half of the family members accompany mobile phones. Simultaneously, whatever child will see adults doing, they will imitate them. The theories child development stages stated that in the stage where parents’ maximum attention should be towards their child, they neglect them. This is one of the factors that minimize the growth of a child. Let’s study these theories child development stages in detail. 

Erikson Psychology Development Theories 

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In the field of psychoanalysis and psychological development, Eric Erikson was an important figure. Even the popular phrase “identity crisis” Is also given by him. The key outcome of his theories child development stages of psychology development is that psychology is the principle of social interaction and experience. He explained that not only during early theories child development stages but afterward as well having balanced psychology is essential for social interactions. 

Bowlby Attachment Theories Child Development Stages

In the matter of development, John Bowlby was another groundbreaking theorist and psychologist. He was who crafted the early theories of child development stages, which still see as prominent use today. In this attachment theory’s child development stages, he asserted that much of child development is based on the need of children to form attachment. These attachments may involve any place, thing, a number of people, and ultimately that has a substantial effect on onward development patterns. 

Freud Psychosexual Theories Child Development Stages

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Sigmund Freud is said to be the most influential legislator of his age. His theories child development stages of psychosexual development are of the important products where he explained the different experiences that a child experiences at different ages in childhood. Especially when he enters the later adulthood period, his whole world turns upside down, and it is hard for them to cope up with it. 

Bandura Social Learning Theories Child Development Stages 

Albert Bandura’s theories of child development stages about social learning relied upon many professions and industries. This theory’s child development stages state that while many child learning comes from direct experience, many of them also come from simple observations and modeling. 

Piaget Cognitive Developmental Theories Child Development Stages

Piaget’s theories of child development stages about cognitive development state that children simply think differently than adults. This was a revolutionary theory that went on to provide several other theories that came after it. 


These were the five famous theories of child development stages by some famous personalities. These personalities gave all of them to the research of theories child development stages to know ways and complications faced by parents to raise children. 

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